Ellery Queen: The Egyptian Cross Mystery

The Egyptian Cross Mystery Ellery Queen First published in the US, 1932, Stokes This edition: Penguin Books, 1964 267 pages Source: The bookshelf ‘I am the Healer of the Weak. I make ill bodies well and strong. I am he who sails … Continue reading

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The Murders in the Rue Morgue (movie)

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The Murders in the Rue Morgue Universal Pictures 1932 Director: Robert Florey Starring: Sidney Fox (as Camille), Bela Lugosi (Dr Mirakle), Leon Ames (Pierre Dupin), Bert Roach (Paul), Charles Gemora (Erik the Gorilla) Over at the #1932book sign-up, John at … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie: The Secret Adversary

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The Secret Adversary Agatha Christie First published in the UK 1922, The Bodley Head This edition: Project Gutenberg Outwardly, he’s an ordinary clean-limbed, rather block-headed young Englishman. Slow in his mental processes. On the other hand, it’s quite impossible to lead him astray … Continue reading

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«élémentaire, mon cher Watson»

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Last month I blogged about the BFI’s search for a lost Sherlock Holmes film dating from 1914. Yesterday it was announced that a different Holmes film, dating to 1916, had been discovered at the Cinémathèque Française. Although two years younger, … Continue reading

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September 2014: Pick of the month

Kerrie hosts a book of the month page at Mysteries in Paradise. I had a respectable month’s reading, which made a nice change – it’s been a busy year so far. Michael Hallowell’s Invizikids (2007) is an oddity – an analysis … Continue reading

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#1932book sign-up

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Thanks to everyone who reviewed books and films for 1958. Les and Moira have chosen October’s year: 1932. Here’s where you can sign up to include your reviews in next month’s round-up. As October ends with Hallowe’en, I am going … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Missing Twins: #1958book

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Another great opening sentence to open this month’s Books of the Year, of the Month: The Mystery of the Missing Twins could never have been solved by an ordinary detective. Which 1958 mystery classic opens with this line? Answer at the … Continue reading

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Anthony Horowitz: The House of Silk

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The House of Silk Anthony Horowitz First published in the UK 2011, Orion This edition: Orion Books, 2012 ISBN: 9781409135982 406 pages Source: Wymondham Duck Race bookstall I recently read the steampunky Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box for Euro Crime, which reminded … Continue reading

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Wanted for Murder

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I got curious about my blog banner tonight. Here’s what I found out… Wanted for Murder was written by Percy Robinson and Terence de Marney and ran at the Lyceum Theatre in London between 25th August and 4th December 1937. I’m … Continue reading

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Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac’s Vertigo

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Vertigo Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac First published in France as D’entre les morts, 1954 First published in the UK as The Living and the Dead, 1958 This edition: Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd, 1997 ISBN: 9780747531876 170 pages Source: M. & A. C. Thompson … Continue reading

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