Maurice Leblanc: Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

His portrait? How can I describe him? I have seen him twenty times and each time he was a different person; even he himself said to me on one occasion: “I no longer know who I am. I cannot recognise … Continue reading

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Rex Stout: The Silent Speaker

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‘For God’s sake. As if this case wasn’t enough of a mess already. All it needed to make it a carnival was Nero Wolfe, and by God here he is.’

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Thomas W. Lawson: Friday, the Thirteenth

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‘Jim, there is no disguising the fact that the American people are as helpless in the hands of these thugs of the ‘System’ as though they lived in the realm of the Sultan, where a few cutthroat brigands are licensed … Continue reading

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Robert Fraser: Three Men and a Maid

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‘But what wrong have I ever done you?’ came the frenzied cry. ‘Why should you strike me such a blow in the back, man? Haven’t I been your lifelong friend? Why should you stab at me because you are the … Continue reading

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‘A full account of how to make a jam omelette’: The #1930book round-up

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Every month here at Past Offences, I round up crime and mystery fiction reviews focusing on a particular year. It’s called Crimes of the Century. In September we were looking at 1930, which proved to be a stonking year in … Continue reading

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1907 sign-up page

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Every month on Past Offences I gather together blog posts about crime fiction written or filmed in a particular year. I’ve called it Crimes of the Century. This month RogerBW coded himself into picking us a year and plumped for … Continue reading

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Crooked House movie update

I noticed some news items recently about the forthcoming Neil LaBute film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1949 standalone novel Crooked House, which reminded me of reporting a similar story back in 2012. Amazingly that was the same film, which goes … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie: The Mysterious Mr Quin

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After I turned from poetry and ghost stories to crime, Harlequin finally reappeared; a figure invisible except when he chose, not quite human, yet concerned with the affairs of human beings and particularly of lovers. He is also the advocate … Continue reading

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Whom do you suspect, and why?

I thought it was high time for another Solv-a-Crime. Usual thing – the best answer gets to choose next month’s year for Crimes of the Century, or, at the judge’s discretion, a cash prize of £100,000 in used bank notes … Continue reading

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Augmented Christie

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You’ve probably all picked up on the new Agatha Christie stamps from the Royal Mail (and they are very clever designs) – but have you seen they come with Pokemon Go-style extra augmented reality? +1 for the terrible corporate music.

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