Covering themselves in glory

There are so many new editions of classic crime titles with horrible covers (and I don’t mean badly designed, I mean undesigned), that I thought it was worth celebrating some great work from Vintage Books. They are the first four titles in their new editions of Nicholas Blake (aka the Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis).

The design is by La Boca,  ‘an independent design circus…’ (sigh) ‘…specializing in art & design for the film, music and fashion industries’.

I’m currently reading and loving There’s Trouble Brewing for Euro Crime, and will of course be looking at The Beast Must Die (CWA Top 100, number 81=).



They’re lovely covers, and a definite improvement on the previous ‘designs’ for the series, as pictured below…

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Past Offences exists to review classic crime and mystery books, with ‘classic’ meaning books originally published before 1987.
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3 Responses to Covering themselves in glory

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Rich – You are so right about too many covers of re-issued classic crime novels. It’s good to hear that there’s at least one exception.


  2. Great, colorful and a definite improvement!


  3. Maxine says:

    Those are very well-designed covers, I agree.


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