Murder on the Orient Express

The film studio Fox has bought the film rights to Murder on the Orient Express  after a ‘highly competitive bidding process‘.

RLJ Entertainment, which has controlled the Christie estate since 2012, said:

‘We have worked closely with Mathew Prichard, Agatha’s grandson, to find the right studio and filmmakers to grow the Christie brand. We are excited to be working with Fox as well as Ridley Scott, Mark Gordon and Simon Kinberg to produce a new, star-studded adaptation of one of the most well-known mystery novels of all time.’

Who doesn’t find brand-growing exciting?

Ridley Scott is of course best known for Alien, Simon Kinberg for X-Men: First Class, and Mark Gordon for Saving Private Ryan. At first glance they’re not the most obvious candidates, but they might take the story into new territory.



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8 Responses to Murder on the Orient Express

  1. Is it wrong that I’m inordinately depressed by this? There have been plenty of adaptations and nothing in my view can improve on Suchet. I do rather feel that the estate are very much motivate by money at the moment, which is a little sad…


    • I also am depressed. I took a look at three adaptations last year (Finney, Suchet and the awful Alfred Molina one) and cannot imagine this new project adding anything to ‘the brand” or the world’s enjoyment of the story.


  2. Margot Kinberg says:

    Rich – Thanks for the news, but I have to confess I’m not happy about where this is going. I’m probably being too judgemental, but I just can’t see it.


  3. Having some terrifying flashbacks to the truly dreadful adaptation staring Alfred Molina from a few years back – it’s got to be better than that!


  4. TracyK says:

    I like Ridley Scott just fine, but why would he take on Murder on the Orient Express? I liked the film version with Albert Finney a lot, and have not seen any other versions. And I don’t find brand-growing exciting myself. Oh well.


  5. suzigun says:

    I have to confess that I haven’t read the book, but I think the Finney version is a classic and I can’t see the need to carry on ‘re-making’. The people involved make me wonder if it will remain a period piece.


  6. Like most of the commenters above, not enthralled by this news….


  7. FictionFan says:

    Well, if it’s good, that’ll be good. And if it’s dire, then it’ll be fun to rip it to shreds – so win-win! 😉


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