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Born in 1952

Born in 1952,, along with the barcode, roll-on deodorant, and the hydrogen bomb.

After a bumper crop of 1939 crime in July, I asked for suggestions for August’s book of the year. Sergio stepped forward with 1952.

Events of 1952 included Elizabeth II becoming Queen, a polio epidemic in the US, the last great London smog, and the Mau Mau rebellion. So what crime fiction was published? Over to you…


Small print

  • Books, comics, films and TV also welcome. Or even plays…
  • Sign up in the comments below
  • if you want to play but you haven’t got a blog, I’m happy to have you as a guest poster, or to link to Goodreads or Amazon
  • Comment below to join in, or tweet me @westwoodrich


About pastoffences

Past Offences exists to review classic crime and mystery books, with ‘classic’ meaning books originally published before 1987.
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40 Responses to #1952book sign-up

  1. I’m definitely signing up – though no idea which book yet….


  2. realthog says:

    Yes, I’m in! I’m already watching The Floating Dutchman (1952), based on a Nicolas Bentley novel. Bentley has a bit part as a copper, and the great Sydney Tafler is the baddie!


  3. Well I’m definitely in Rich – ta very much 🙂


  4. TracyK says:

    I am in also. I actually saw some great comics to review, but I don’t think I could do a good job in that area. I have several books on my shelves to consider, and one I would like to buy but trying to fight the urge.


  5. Jose Ignacio says:

    No idea yet which book I’ll choose, but I’ll be there.


  6. Rebecca says:

    I’ll be there, and I’m planning on reading The Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham. Thanks for organizing a classics reading challenge that’s not so time-consuming!


    • realthog says:

      I’m planning on reading The Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham

      Golly! Literally within the past two minutes I’ve been — in a completely different context — exhorting someone to read this novel. It’s a knockout, as, in a sort of ramshackle way, is the movie based on it.

      I had no idea the novel came out in 1952.







      • Rebecca says:

        I’m looking forward to it, and I’m glad you endorse it as well. I came across it on a list of most popular books published in 1952 on Goodreads, and Karen at EuroCrime also published a list of crime novels from 1952, http://eurocrime.blogspot.com/2014/08/some-1952-titles-for-past-offfences.html


      • realthog says:

        . . . but then I realized how long it’s been since last I read Josephine Tey’s The Singing Sands, so I thought I might go for that instead.

        Today, as I finished reading Bruce Elliott’s obscure noir One is a Lonely Number (it’s the first half of one of those jolly Stark House twofers), I glanced idly at the publication history and, bingo!, there it was: 1952.


  7. Santosh Iyer says:

    Talking of comics, the first issue of MAD (U.S.) came out in 1952 with the introductory statement,”Greetings, you MAD readers! You’re now holding in your MAD hands the very first MAD issue of MAD!”


  8. mikeripley says:

    Tiger in the Smoke certainly – almost obligatory. Others: Hilary Waugh’s Last seen Wearing, Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me; Ross MacDonald’s The Ivory Grin; Rex Stout’s Triple Jeopardy; and Josephine Tey’s The Singing Sands, which I think was published just after her death. Plenty to go for here.All round, 1952 sounds like a good year.


  9. Col says:

    John D. MacDonald – The Damned, Day Keene – Home is the Sailor or Wake up to Murder, Charlotte Jay – Beat not the Bones, Harold Robbins – A Stone for Danny Fisher. I have a few to choose from depends which one I can find first in the mess of a library.

    I would also like to read David Dodge’s To Catch a Thief, but don’t have a copy.


  10. mikeripley says:

    I instinctively reached for David Dodge’s To Catch A Thief but my (Penguin) edition maintains it was published in 1953. I’m very tempted by the John D. MacDonald, which I’ve never read, and less so by Mickey Spillane’s Kiss Me Deadly.


  11. John says:

    This one’s easy for me. I’m in.


  12. realthog says:

    Here’s a first contribution: my Goodreads notes on One is a Lonely Number (1952) by Bruce Elliott.


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  14. realthog says:

    Another contribution: the noirish Western The Bushwhackers (1952). (IMDB gives the release date as 1951, but as far as I can establish this is an IMDB glitch; everyone else agrees on 1952.)

    (Let’s see if I’ve got the coding right for the link . . .)


  15. realthog says:

    My hastily scribbled Goodreads notes on Josephine Tey’s The Singing Sands are here.


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  17. realthog says:

    I’ve just been posting my notes on the 1952 UK crime movie The Floating Dutchman, based on the Nicolas Bentley novel, at my Noirish blog.


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  19. Col says:

    Failed again – count me out. The 52 book I ordered hasn’t arrived and I’m on holiday from tonight. I won’t see it until I return to work on 8th September


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  21. TracyK says:

    I have read and reviewed The Ivory Grin by Macdonald for 1952. Also, I am currently reading the Davidian Report by Dorothy Hughes, also 1952, and will review that within the next week.


  22. realthog says:

    Some notes now posted on GoodReads about Maigret’s Revolver (1952).


  23. curtis evans says:

    Just posted one, another one on the way before the end of the month!


  24. Rebecca says:

    I just finished The Tiger in the Smoke, http://wp.me/p2jIWi-tw.


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  26. realthog says:

    Unless I get quite implausibly eager at the weekend, my last contribution to the #1952 Signup is The Voice of Merrill (1952).


  27. TracyK says:

    Posted a review of THE DAVIDIAN REPORT by Dorothy B. Hughes for 1952.



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