Sherlock unchained

Well, it looks like Leslie Klinger has finally won his case against the Conan Doyle estate, with some pretty barbed comments made by the presiding judge – words like extortion cropped up, according to I Hear of Sherlock.

With the characters of Holmes and Watson now ruled well and truly out of copyright, it’s time for authors everywhere to really unleash their imaginations and go to town on the characters.

Now I can finally write my book in which Holmes tracks down Jack the Ripper, oh no hang on that’s been done. Meets Freud? OK. Well, what about he’s stupid and Watson does all the detecting? That too? OK, how about moving him to the 21st century and making him all modern and sexy? Been done? Aha, but what if I do that but put him in New York as well? OK, then I’ll make Watson a woman. Oh. Still in New York, but it’s a comic and they’re a couple of African-American guys. That too? Retired, with a young girl as a sidekick? Married with kids? Young Sherlock, still at school, with a weird scene with cakes? Seriously?

OK, well I’ll have to run with the cartoon mouse idea then.



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Past Offences exists to review classic crime and mystery books, with ‘classic’ meaning books originally published before 1987.
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5 Responses to Sherlock unchained

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Rich – Well, well, well! This is news! Time to finish my novel in which Holmes and Watson take off in a spaceship, land on Mars, and…… yeah, that’s it! 😉


  2. 🙂 Good point – bearing in mind how many ridiculous spin-offs have been done over the years, who’s going to notice the difference……


  3. realthog says:

    Very funny!

    Basil The Great Mouse Detective is one of my favourite Disney animations. I took my daughter to see it during its opening London run. She was exactly the right age for it. And so was I.


  4. Love The Great Mouse Detective – “Toby, follow!” – boingggg!


  5. Keishon says:

    Sherlock and Watson, vampire slayers….


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