#1946book sign-up

Cannon Street police relax with a game of darts in 1946 (taken from http://www.alphadeltaplus.20m.com/)

Cannon Street police relax with a game of darts in 1946 – note the carefully balanced watering can (taken from http://www.alphadeltaplus.20m.com/)

Welcome to this month’s crime fiction of the year sign-up page.

John from Pretty Sinister Books won last month’s spookiest book competition, with a bit of Fu-Manchu from 1932. His choice for November is 1946. A year when the world starting picking up the pieces (and began working on the next batch of trouble).

It seems like 1946 was a quiet year for new books, although there was Titus Groan, Stella Gibbons’ Westwood (a book I still have to read) and of course Thomas the Tank Engine.

Anyway, over to you for the crime fiction. Looks like ’46 was a massive year for crime films, so I’m expecting a few movie reviews as well…

Small print

  • Don’t be shy!
  • Books, comics, films, plays and TV also welcome.
  • If you want to play but you haven’t got a blog, I’m happy to have you as a guest poster, or to link to Goodreads or Amazon.
  • Comment below to join in, or tweet me @westwoodrich.
  • Sorry if I miss you in the round-up.

About pastoffences

Past Offences exists to review classic crime and mystery books, with ‘classic’ meaning books originally published before 1987.
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32 Responses to #1946book sign-up

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m going to try Act of Passion by Simenon based on Jose Ignacio’s recommendation of his non-Maigret novels.

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  2. tracybham says:

    I was happy with the choice of 1946 because I had just gotten a copy of a book from that year that I want to read soon: Murder Within Murder by Richard and Frances Lockridge.

    Lots of good books from this year. My favorite Nero Wolfe mystery (well, after Fer-de-Lance) was published in 1946: The Silent Speaker. But I will probably read just one book for 1946 this month.


  3. Well past time I got involved in this. I’ll do My Late Wives by Carter Dickson


  4. Peggy Ann says:

    First time in. I’ll read Agatha Christie’s The Hollow. I’ll have to check out the movie front too!


  5. Jose Ignacio says:

    I’ll have to look up a book for this year, I’ve not a clear candidate yet


  6. Definitely sign me up, though haven’t chosen a book yet. 1946 an interesting year, I’ll need to look around.


  7. Keishon says:

    Will try to contribute to this one. Not sure what yet……


  8. Just ordered William Gresham’s Nightmare Alley from the library – looks like a bleak read! Looked everywhere for Seishi Yokomizo’s The Murder in the Honjin but couldn’t seem to source an English translation anywhere


    • John says:

      Bernadette, as far I know only one of Seishi Yokomizo’s books was translated into English: The Inugami Clan There are two different editions of that book in English. I think a graphic novel adapatation also exists. If you read French you can find at least four others translated into that language.


  9. Ronald Smyth says:

    Sign me up. I intend to read THE UNSUSPECTED CHASM
    by Michael Innes.


  10. Jose Ignacio says:

    Rich have ordered today (downloaded to my Kindle in fact) Deadly Weapon by Wade Miller. Looking forward to reading it soon


  11. realthog says:

    Just getting started on Miss Pym Disposes . . .

    Reading time’s at a bit of a premium this week as I’m having to read two — countem two — sets of proofs for forthcoming masterpieces at breakneck speed.


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  13. Bev Hankins says:

    I’m going to try and join in this month–I’m looking at a 3-in-1 Detective Book Club with three from 1946–including Tracy’s pick (Murder Within Murder) which I’ve already read. I’m going to focus on the Erle Stanley Gardner portion: The D. A. Breaks a Seal. (Up next after I finish my current read.) We’ll see if I get to The Pavilion by Hilda Lawrence (the third of the three).


  14. Bev Hankins says:

    Got one for you! The D. A. Breaks a Seal by Erle Stanley Gardner.

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  15. Bev Hankins says:

    And–an examination of three books from 1946 (including the Gardner book) for Noah’s October 8 challenge as well. HERE.


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  17. realthog says:

    A very hasty writeup of Night Boat to Dublin (1946) here.


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