Kiss Me, Brickly

A while ago I posted about LEGO Sherlock Holmes, and now the Danish brick designers have gone a bit Black Mask with their new hard-boiled Detective Office.


The set features a detectives office over a pool hall, Al’s Hairdressers (with a secret candy-smuggling operation), the Highlander bar, and a six different figures including the ‘tec himself and a real sweet dame.

The set is incredibly detailed, with a mind-boggling 2,262 pieces including a flush toilet and a real mirror (and a hefty price tag). Detective Ace Brickman can explore his Damon Runyonesque city block to investigate a variety of crimes including a candy-smuggling ring and a missing cat.

At you can see a variety of scenes created using the new set

At The Brothers Brick you can see a variety of inventive scenes created using the new set.

The LEGO designers offer the backstory on YouTube here:

So, who can suggest a better hard-boiled pun for the title of this post? My second favourite was The Night has 2,262 Pieces.

Answers on a postcard below…


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6 Responses to Kiss Me, Brickly

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    This is incredibly inventive!!!


  2. lesblatt says:

    “And Then There Were 2,261”?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TracyK says:

    Very Cool. We used to have lots of Lego sets around our house, but they never had stuff this cool.


  4. realthog says:

    My Gun is Brick?


  5. They should get Lawrence Block to write a story to go with….


  6. John says:

    When the Sacred Candymill Closes
    2262 Easy Pieces
    Farewell, My Imagination

    Yes, I’m the cynic in the crowd. Don’t all boo me at once. ;^)

    Liked by 1 person

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