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Ed. Martin Edwards: Serpents in Eden

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This new volume of shorts from the British Library celebrates the rural mystery with stories written over a 50-year period by authors as diverse as Arthur Conan Dole, Ethel Lina White, G. K. Chesterton, Margery Allingham, Gladys Mitchell, and Leo Bruce. … Continue reading

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Margery Allingham: Sweet Danger

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That was the beauty of Campion; one never knew where he was going to turn up next – at the Third Levée or swinging from a chandelier.

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#1947book sign-up page

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Every month on Past Offences I gather together blog posts about crime fiction written or filmed in a particular year. Regular contributor Santosh picked 1947 for March after masterfully Solving-a-crime earlier in the month. If you want to take part, you can! … Continue reading

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Richard Condon: The Manchurian Candidate

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I was not at all expecting The Manchurian Candidate to be the book it is. It’s packaged, in this 2004 movie tie-in edition at least, as a slick-looking starring-Denzel-Washington-and-from-the-director-of-The-Silence-of-the-Lambs techno-thriller – ‘It’s not a nightmare if it’s really happening’. But what … Continue reading

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Tony Hillerman: A Thief of Time

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He knew Leaphorn’s wife had died. He’d heard the man was having trouble coping with that. He’s heard – everybody in the Navajo Tribal Police had heard – that Leaphorn had quit the force. Retired. So what was he doing … Continue reading

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Adam Hall: The Quiller Memorandum

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We are alone. We are committed to the tenets of individual combat and there is no help for him who falls. Save a life and we save a man who will later watch us through the cross-hairs and squeeze the … Continue reading

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C. Gordon: Solv-a-Crime

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I’m quite partial to the quirkier end of crime publishing, so I was delighted to pick up Solv-a-Crime in subterranean bookshop Skoob Books last week.

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Alan Melville: Death of Anton

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‘Dear me,’ said Mr Minto. ‘And I always thought that circus people were just one big, happy family.’ ‘You’ve been reading the novelists who join up with a circus for a fortnight and then go home and write a book … Continue reading

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Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese Falcon

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The tappity-tap-tap and the thin bell and muffled whir of Effie Perine’s typewriting came through the closed door. Somewhere in a neighboring office a power-driven machine vibrated dully. On Spade’s desk a limp cigarette smoldered in a brass tray filled … Continue reading

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‘A mud fight at a village fair’: #1950book results

Every month on Past Offences we review crime books and films from a chosen year (it’s called Crimes of the Century), and in January we were looking at 1950. Bev led the pack with Hunt with the Hounds by Mignon G. Eberhart, … Continue reading

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