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1959book sign-up

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Every month on Past Offences I gather together blog posts about crime fiction written or filmed in a particular year. I’ve called it Crimes of the Century. Bernadette of Reactions to Reading and Fair Dinkum Crime chose 1959 for January. … Continue reading

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Father Brown Christmas special 2016: The Star of Jacob

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A slightly late review of the Father Brown Christmas special, which aired this week on BBC1. The episode opens with a visit from Canon Fox with a message from Brown’s boss, Bishop Reynard. The Duke of Frome has announced he will … Continue reading

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BBC’s The Witness for the Prosecution

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The BBC’s flagship Christie adaptation aired last night. They promised us dark and sexy – but did they deliver? We are certainly a long way from Marple. It doesn’t look like an adaptation of a Golden Age story, and, for example, you … Continue reading

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Harry Stephen Keeler: The Shark-skin Book

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They’ve got Ogden Farlow dead to rights! Under the third degree he admitted that the body, with a bullet from his gun in its skull, is lying buried in his basement. It’s the most open-and-shut case the DA has ever … Continue reading

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H. R. F. Keating: Zen There Was Murder

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‘Very well, then,’ said the superintendent, ‘since we both know what’s in my mind, let’s say it out loud.’ He leant forward and looked at Mr Utamaro. The piggy eyes blazing with determination. ‘Is there some trickery going on here?’ … Continue reading

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‘I like young men. I like their company.’ The Witness for the Prosecution

After yesterday’s trailer for Maigret, here’s another Christmas televisual treat – the BBC’s The Witness for the Prosecution, clearly going for ‘brooding and dark’. Nice touch with the cat…

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Maigret’s Dead Man trailer

ITV has released the trailer for the second Maigret film starring Rowan Atkinson. I enjoyed the last one (see my review at The Killing Times), although the general reaction was one of ‘so what?’. Still, ITV are clearly confident, as … Continue reading

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Winifred Peck: Arrest the Bishop?

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There are some few men who possess undoubtedly an aura of evil, visible even to those who profess no psychic powers, and Thomas Ulder was one of them.

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Fergus Hume: The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

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‘I’ll get the better of you, clever as you are – and you are clever,’ he went on in a tone of admiration, as he looked around the luxurious hansom, ‘to choose such a convenient place for a murder; no … Continue reading

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The ‘salivating male audience’: The #1975book round-up

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Every month on Past Offences, we look at a particular year in crime fiction. For November I picked 1975. John at Noirish opened the month with a TV show (we don’t get enough TV shows on here) Too Many Suspects, starring … Continue reading

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