What’s happened to Sid from Father Brown?

To satisfy my visitors searching for news of Sid, Lady Felicia’s chauffeur from Father Brown, I used my best magic spells and located his current location: starring as the grown-up Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre in London.

And here he is…

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18 Responses to What’s happened to Sid from Father Brown?

  1. I. CASSER says:



  2. This is great news, thanks for this, I wondered what he was up to. He definitely deserves this role too, he was of the only redeeming features of the Father Brown BBC series!


    • Martine says:

      I love Father Brown. Its a really great show, that doesn’t have all the nastiness al other shows out there. i actually enjoy watching it. But Bunty is ruining it. I never liked Sin, and in fact, most people I know who watch Father Brown never liked him, But Lady Felicia was wonderful. Its not a show aimed at young boys, so I don’t see how a typical snarky, big breasted chic is going to help. I still love the show, even with the annoying Bunty.

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  3. piningforthewest says:

    Sid is back, as of yesterday’s episode.


  4. jenny says:

    What has happend to father brown I have always loved watching the program but this new series has gone very smutty alot of women walking about in there underwear etc
    A new detective who is the worst actor ever and a young women who is so annoying please bring back lady felisia and sid and make it more about the village again instead of seedy goings on

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    • Martine says:

      Exactly. I loved it. It kept on getting better and better up until Lady Felicia left, and Bunty showed up, and the tone became different Everything that made father Brown different then the other shows is being stripped away. The majority of the audience is fairly conservative, and doesn’t want to see sexed up women, or even have moral lessons about how we should all be liberal. Go back to just being an enjoyable mystery series, and don’t try to shock us.

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  5. I never was a Sid fan, but I do like Alex Price – he comes across like such a nice person when he is not acting! He suits the role of grown-up Draco Malfoy, I think. Now that you’ve got me started, I’ll have to look up the rest of the cast of this play.

    The new Father Brown has not yet made it to German TV.


  6. Michael Dorman says:

    I love Sid and Lady Felicia as part of the cast of characters I got to love. I hate it when casts change in a series I love. I know they often have other movie, theatre and tv commitments but as a selfish fan I like my cast to never change.

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    • Scumspawn says:

      I’m like that too..you learn to adapt but you always think it was better with the original cast ..well at least Mark Williams and Sorcha Cussack are still there..is the inspector meant to be that crass I keep thinking of a rat crossed with a weasel when I see Jack Neams portrayal.

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      • Richard says:

        Jack Neams character makes me think of an inept or even a crooked cop. Who was sent there either to get rid of him or to redeem his ways.


  7. Richard says:

    My wife and I love Sid and he brings a lot to the series. He’s the yang to Father Brown’s yang. Sort of his alter ego lets say. Hope he’s back soon as it seems to take quite a while to get new episodes on BBC Canada.

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  8. Trish says:

    Please get rid of the new Inspector, played by a terrible actor. Ruins it. Don’t think the storylines are so good in the new series but still watchable. Miss Sid & Lady Felicia but grown to like


  9. Mrs E Brown says:

    When is it back on to?


  10. Maree Green says:

    I love this show and especially Sid.


  11. Doreen Nisbet says:

    I think that series five is the end of Father Brown and it has been such an enjoyable show. However this last series has changed and the story lines have become rather American. I still scan the TV guide looking for reruns. Being Canadian means I am bombarded with American trash.


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