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1937 sign-up page

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Every month at Past Offences I host a round-up of book and film reviews relating to a particular year in crime fiction. For March I have chosen the year 1937, recently identified by JJ at the Invisible Event as the … Continue reading

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J. Jefferson Farjeon: Thirteen Guests

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Every station has its special voice. Some are of grit. Some are of sand. Some are of milk cans. Some are of rock muffled by tunnel smoke. Whatever the voice is, it speaks to those who know it, sounding a … Continue reading

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Ethel Lina White: Wax

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A voice seemed to limp over the wire. It was faint and breathless, as though the person had been running. ‘Are – you – there?’ ‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Are you Room Eight, Golden Lion?’ ‘Yes. Who are-‘ … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie: The Mysterious Mr Quin

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After I turned from poetry and ghost stories to crime, Harlequin finally reappeared; a figure invisible except when he chose, not quite human, yet concerned with the affairs of human beings and particularly of lovers. He is also the advocate … Continue reading

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Miles Burton: The Secret of High Eldersham

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Cecil John Charles Street, who wrote as Miles Burton and John Rhode, published more than 120 mysteries in his lifetime. My last encounter with his work was A.S.F., a book notable as much for its massively elaborate drug-smuggling tactics as its excellently-named villain, and good … Continue reading

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‘Tinned porridge, useless nerve cures, non-alcoholic beverages’: #1933book results

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Every month at Past Offences we review crime books and films from a chosen year. Jose Ignacio picked 1933 – peak Golden Age – for February. Bev started us off with Valentine Williams’ The Clock Ticks On, with a nice … Continue reading

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Margery Allingham: Sweet Danger

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That was the beauty of Campion; one never knew where he was going to turn up next – at the Third Levée or swinging from a chandelier.

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Alan Melville: Death of Anton

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‘Dear me,’ said Mr Minto. ‘And I always thought that circus people were just one big, happy family.’ ‘You’ve been reading the novelists who join up with a circus for a fortnight and then go home and write a book … Continue reading

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Francis Iles: Malice Aforethought

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Dr Bickleigh, an unassuming little chap with a distinct inferiority complex, lives in the exclusive hamlet of Wyvern’s Cross with his domineering wife Julia. Julia is one of the Devonshire Crewstantons; Bickleigh the son of a shopkeeper. She rules Bickleigh … Continue reading

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Christopher St John Sprigg: Death of an Airman

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Another lovely rediscovery from the British Library, graced with a nice vintage-feel cover by Chris Andrews. The Australian Bishop of Cootamundra turns up to start a course of flying lessons at Baston Aero Club, only to witness a tragic accident … Continue reading

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