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H. R. F. Keating: The Murder of the Maharajah

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‘Good lad. Remember, we’re here to see that things are done in this country the right way. It isn’t easy. We wouldn’t have been put here if it was. So we’ve got to do our best, always. All right?’ H. … Continue reading

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Anthony Price: The Labyrinth Makers

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Funerals meant going outside, into the field, among strangers. And he was not a field man, never had been and never wanted to be. The back room among the files and the reports was his field. It was far more … Continue reading

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Tony Hillerman: A Thief of Time

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He knew Leaphorn’s wife had died. He’d heard the man was having trouble coping with that. He’s heard – everybody in the Navajo Tribal Police had heard – that Leaphorn had quit the force. Retired. So what was he doing … Continue reading

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Adam Hall: The Quiller Memorandum

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We are alone. We are committed to the tenets of individual combat and there is no help for him who falls. Save a life and we save a man who will later watch us through the cross-hairs and squeeze the … Continue reading

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Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese Falcon

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The tappity-tap-tap and the thin bell and muffled whir of Effie Perine’s typewriting came through the closed door. Somewhere in a neighboring office a power-driven machine vibrated dully. On Spade’s desk a limp cigarette smoldered in a brass tray filled … Continue reading

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Peter Lovesey: Wobble to Death

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Wobble to Death is a Victorian history-mystery – one of those crime novels which is probably memorable more for its context than its mystery, but none the worse for that.

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Patricia Highsmith: Strangers on a Train

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We’ve covered Strangers on a Train previously on Past Offences. New-friend-of-the-blog Moira from Clothes in Books reviewed as a guest post back in 2012. I’d forgotten how we set it up: Rich had the idea that he should get someone … Continue reading

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P. D. James: Innocent Blood

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New year, new commitment to finishing my CWA top 100 challenge, and so on to the final P. D. James title on the list, Innocent Blood. I’ve been pretty frank in my opinions about P. D. James in previous reviews … Continue reading

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Higgins, Jack: The Eagle Has Landed

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God in heaven, man, kill Churchill when we have already lost the war? In what way is that supposed to help? The Eagle Has Landed is a blockbuster of a thriller with a great hook: what if a squad of German paratroopers secretly … Continue reading

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Lionel Davidson: The Sun Chemist

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Lionel Davidson surely deserves a bit of a renaissance. With two titles in the CWA’s 1990 list of the top 100 crime and thriller novels, he ranks alongside John Le Carré, and outranks Ian Fleming; The Sun Chemist is at number 88 in the CWA chart. Davidson won the CWA’s Gold Dagger three times and also won the Diamond Dagger for lifetime achievement in 2001. Continue reading

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