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Margery Allingham: Coroner’s Pidgin

‘I’m catching my train in fifty minutes and a thousand corpses all in coronets won’t stop me. You – er – you only have the one at the moment, I take it?’ ‘Yus, only the one,’ Lugg agreed absently, adding … Continue reading

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Gerald Kersh: Prelude to a Certain Midnight

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She wanted to do something to somebody. She felt a need for a hushed Old Bailey, a Black Cap, a Sentence, a rope snapping taut and a gratified crowd outside grey walls half-cheering while a man in uniform pasted up … Continue reading

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Robert van Gulik: Necklace and Calabash

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Necklace and Calabash Robert van Gulik First published in 1967 by Heinemann This edition University of Chicago Press, 1992 ISBN: 9780226848709 152 pages Judge Dee was a real historical figure who lived in China from 630 to 700AD, under the T’ang dynasty. He … Continue reading

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‘Sweat, petroleum and khaki…’ Margery Allingham’s The Tiger in the Smoke

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The Tiger in the Smoke Margery Allingham First published in the UK 1952, Chatto & Windus This edition The New Windmill Series, Heinemann, 1962 272 pages Source: Reviewer’s own ‘Do you remember those years, Amanda? They seem quite mad at this distance. Dull, … Continue reading

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