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Elspeth Huxley: The Merry Hippo

A Royal Commission has been assembled to consider the road to independence for Hapana, a Protectorate leaving the British Empire. As part of their pre-conference research, they are staying at the Merry Hippo in Happy Landings, a pleasant town owned by a … Continue reading

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Margery Allingham: No Love Lost

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No Love Lost contains two non-series novellas by Past Offences favourite Margery Allingham. As the title suggests, the two stories are connected by the theme of love, although the damage caused by gossip in small communities is a strong secondary theme. … Continue reading

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Gerald Kersh: Prelude to a Certain Midnight

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She wanted to do something to somebody. She felt a need for a hushed Old Bailey, a Black Cap, a Sentence, a rope snapping taut and a gratified crowd outside grey walls half-cheering while a man in uniform pasted up … Continue reading

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Margery Allingham: The Allingham Case-book

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So I was all set to submit this for the #1947book challenge, when I noticed that rather than Mr Campion’s Casebook (1947), I had been reading The Allingham Case-book (1969). Still, that’s no bad thing if you like her short stories. … Continue reading

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Tony Hillerman: A Thief of Time

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He knew Leaphorn’s wife had died. He’d heard the man was having trouble coping with that. He’s heard – everybody in the Navajo Tribal Police had heard – that Leaphorn had quit the force. Retired. So what was he doing … Continue reading

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Patricia Highsmith: Strangers on a Train

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We’ve covered Strangers on a Train previously on Past Offences. New-friend-of-the-blog Moira from Clothes in Books reviewed as a guest post back in 2012. I’d forgotten how we set it up: Rich had the idea that he should get someone … Continue reading

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Nicolas Freeling: Double-Barrel

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Double-Barrel Nicolas Freeling First published by Victor Gollancz, UK, 1964 This edition Penguin Books 1967 ISBN: 0140025855 Cover design by Robert Hollingsworth Source: City Books Norwich ‘You have acquired a professionalism, a competence – and the usual police skills. But … Continue reading

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John and Emery Bonett: Dead Lion

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Dead Lion John and Emery Bonett First published by Michael Joseph in the UK 1949 This edition, Penguin Books 1953 213 pages Source: The bookshelf Cyprian Druse is a literary lion, a celebrated BBC intellectual, and a feared critic who can make and destroy reputations (he … Continue reading

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Margery Allingham: The China Governess

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The China Governess Margery Allingham First published in the UK, 1963, Chatto & Windus This edition: Penguin Books ISBN: 9780140166194 267 pages Source: The bookshelf ‘I don’t know why one does go out of one’s way to oblige Money. it’s a funny … Continue reading

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Ellery Queen: The Egyptian Cross Mystery

The Egyptian Cross Mystery Ellery Queen First published in the US, 1932, Stokes This edition: Penguin Books, 1964 267 pages Source: The bookshelf ‘I am the Healer of the Weak. I make ill bodies well and strong. I am he who sails … Continue reading

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