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Eric Shepherd: More Murder in a Nunnery

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It is extraordinary how different the same thing may appear from an altered point of view. The body on the dump, which appeared to the Convent unmitigated misfortune, struck the police in quite a different way.

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Eric Shepherd: Murder in a Nunnery

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‘When Inez first came to us she would have thought no more of stabbing than of washing her face. In fact she would have thought considerably less.’

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Ethel Lina White: Wax

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A voice seemed to limp over the wire. It was faint and breathless, as though the person had been running. ‘Are – you – there?’ ‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Are you Room Eight, Golden Lion?’ ‘Yes. Who are-‘ … Continue reading

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Julian Symons: A Three-Pipe Problem

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R. Austin Freeman: The Red Thumb Mark

When the ink had been rolled out to the requisite thinness, he took Reuben’s hand and pressed the thumb lightly but firmly on to the inked plate; then, transferring the thumb to one of the cards, which he directed me … Continue reading

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Elspeth Huxley: The Merry Hippo

A Royal Commission has been assembled to consider the road to independence for Hapana, a Protectorate leaving the British Empire. As part of their pre-conference research, they are staying at the Merry Hippo in Happy Landings, a pleasant town owned by a … Continue reading

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Dorothy L. Sayers: Gaudy Night

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There is no chance assembly of people who cannot make lively conversation about drains.

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Reginald Hill: Under World

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But down here survival was too far beneath hope to make a motive, and the darkness was fetid with doubt and accusation. Time for the bottom line, as the Yanks put it. Place for a bottom line too. And the … Continue reading

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Gil North: The Methods of Sergeant Cluff

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This the second of the Sergeant Cluff novels of Gil North to be resurrected by the British Library this year – the first being Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm. Cluff is a detective in the Dales town of Gunnarshaw (apparently based … Continue reading

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Richard Goyne: The Missing Minx

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‘The only thing is for me to go over there, in a purely private capacity, as my celebrated self. Ex-Superintendent ‘Tubby’ Greene. I’m on a motorin’ tour of the Southern Marches, and, after reading about all the goings-on in Larne … Continue reading

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