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Commemorative stamp celebrating Egypt’s Police Day in 1977

Every month at Past Offences I host a round-up of book and film reviews relating to a particular year in crime fiction.

For April I’ve plumped for 1977.

All you have to do is read a book, watch a film, read a comic, listen to a radio programme and tell us all about it.

Anyone can play, so over to you…

Small print

  • Just comment below to link to your blog post.
  • If you want to play but you haven’t got a blog, I’m happy to have you as a guest poster, or to link to Goodreads or Amazon.
  • Books, comics, films, plays and TV also welcome.
  • Sorry in advance if I miss you in the round-up, although I am getting better at that bit.

About pastoffences

Past Offences exists to review classic crime and mystery books, with ‘classic’ meaning books originally published before 1987.
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35 Responses to 1977 sign-up page

  1. 1977? A bit late for me, but I’m sure I can find something. If in doubt, there’s always The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn…


  2. Jose Ignacio says:

    Think I’ve several 1977 books. Maybe I’ll try Ruth Rendell’s A Judgement on Stone.


  3. No title has captured my interest for this month so I might sit this one out. However here are some ideas for others:
    The Honourable Schoolboy by John Le Carre
    A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters
    A Stranger is Watching by Mary Higgins Clark
    Death of An Expert Witness by P. D. James
    Burglars Can’t Be Choosers by Lawrence Block
    Noonday and Night by Gladys Mitchell
    Fault in the Structure by Gladys Mitchell
    Last Ditch by Ngaio Marsh
    Star Trap by Simon Brett
    Mrs Pollifax on Sarfari by Dorothy Gilman
    Who Is Teddy Villanova? and Killing Time by Thomas Berger
    The Coconut Killings by Patricia Moyes
    Catch Me, Kill Me by William Hallahan

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    • Ah, forgot about Brett, so I might give Star Trap a shot. A Morbid Taste For Bones is dreadful, so not going near that again… Burglars Can’t Be Choosers is a fun read – and a pretty good classic-style mystery. But I agree, it’s not the most inspiring of years, but maybe that’s just my 1937-lag…


  4. tracybham says:

    I love it when you announce the year early and give me plenty of time to think about it. Especially as I have many books to choose from and many of those I have been wanting to read for a long time.


  5. Jose Ignacio says:

    I just realised that William McIlvanney’s Laidlaw was published on 1977, Besides on my TBR pile I have The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn by Colin Dexter, A Judgement in Stone by Ruth Rendell, The Honourable Schoolboy,by John Le Carré, and Death of an Expert Witness,by P. D. James, to name but a few.


  6. Bev Hankins says:

    Hmmm. Have to see what I’ve got lurking on the TBR. will report back…


    • Bev Hankins says:

      Fairly slim pickings on the TBR pile:
      Stroke of Death (aka Such a Nice Client) by Josephine Bell
      Petrella at Q by Michael Gilbert
      A Conspiracy of Poisons by J. G. Jeffreys
      A Bullet for a Star by Stuart M. Kaminsky
      Exit Sherlock Holmes: The Great Detective’s Final Days by Robert Lee Hall

      I’m leaning towards the Jeffreys book….


  7. John says:

    Some more:

    Robert Barnard – Death on the High Cs
    Robert Barnard – Blood Brotherhood
    Bill Pronzini – Blowback
    Edmund Crispin – The Glimpses of the Moon
    Antonia Fraser – Quiet as a Nun
    Donald E Westlake – Nobody’s Perfect
    Bob Randall – The Fan

    I may re-read the last one. I read it when it first came out when I was a teenager. I thought it was great. I may see it in another light now that forty years have passed. THE FAN is rather unusual for a 1970s book as it’s entirely composed of letters, memos, and notes and was cleverly designed using different letterheads and typefaces for each letter. All before the age of personal computers and digital publishing, of course. So I think that made it rather expensive and time consuming to layout and print. It was turned into a movie (a quasi-musical, no less) starring Lauren Bacall and James Garner.


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  9. JJ says:

    I got nuthin’ for 1977 in my TBR, but if anyone’s checking down here I’d like to point out that John Sladek’s wonderful Invisible Green qualifies…


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  11. jasonhalf says:

    Hi Rich and all — I have my review of the decidedly non-Golden Age story APPEARANCES OF DEATH by Dell Shannon. Glad I tried out this author…. don’t know if I shall try her again anytime soon.


  12. Bev Hankins says:

    Here’s mine: Stroke of Death by Josephine Bell.

    Probably my only 1977 for the month. I started A Conspiracy of Poisons, but couldn’t launch myself into a historical mystery right now.


  13. Here’s mine for the month (behaving myself this time) – it’s the ultra-disappointing Star Trap by Simon Brett -https://classicmystery.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/star-trap-by-simon-brett/


  14. tracybham says:

    I have posted a review for the first Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery by Lawrence Block, Burglars Can’t be Choosers. Posted on Wed., April 19th.

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  15. Scott says:

    I will do
    The Genuine Article by A.B. Guthrie jr


  16. jasonhalf says:

    Hello all — I submit a play review of Terence Rattigan’s CAUSE CELEBRE, based on a true-crime murder case from the 1930s. The play premiered in London in 1977, so I get the chance to dip into both Golden Age mystery and modern crime drama with this one. (And it was good, too!)


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  18. neer says:

    Here’s my review of John Sladek’s Invisible Green:

    Thanks for hosting.


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  20. KerrieS says:

    I missed April, but would love to know the year for May 2017


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