#1967book sign-up

1967austinminicooperEvery month on Past Offences we choose a year and try to collect lots of reviews of crime fiction from that year. The only problem is that I can’t think of a snappy generic name for this activity. Anyway, Bernadette chose 1967 as the theme for this month, so here is the #1967book sign-up page

Anyone can play, so over to you…

Small print

  • Don’t be shy!
  • Just comment below to link to your blog post.
  • If you want to play but you haven’t got a blog, I’m happy to have you as a guest poster, or to link to Goodreads or Amazon.
  • Books, comics, films, plays and TV also welcome.
  • Sorry in advance if I miss you in the round-up, although I am getting better at that bit (except I missed one last month).

About pastoffences

Past Offences exists to review classic crime and mystery books, with ‘classic’ meaning books originally published before 1987.
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53 Responses to #1967book sign-up

  1. richmonde says:

    Ngaio Marsh’s Death at the Dolphin, please!


  2. Bev Hankins says:

    I’m definitely in with Death and Mr. Prettyman by Kenneth Giles. If I can fit them into my reading schedule for March, I also have Case with Three Husbands by Margaret Erskine and Murder Fantastical by Patricia Moyes waiting in the wings.


  3. Jose Ignacio says:

    Good I’ve God Save the Mark on my Kindle.


  4. westwoodrich says:

    And I got Cargo of Eagles for Christmas, so that’s me sorted.


  5. Definitely in with the suspenser I START COUNTING


    • realthog says:

      I watched the movie adaptation of this the other day and wrote about it for Noirish. Under the ordinary way of things it’d not appear on the site for another couple of months or more but, if I remember (by no means guaranteed), I’ll post it out of sequence to coincide with your review of the book.


      • Thanks John, that’d be great. It’ll be at least another couple of weeks as I have 4 other reviews ahead o f it


      • Actually, we should definitely co-ordinate on this if you fancy, but, darn it, looks like the Lindop novel actually came out in 1966 – drat!


      • realthog says:

        Okay, when you find yourself ready to review the novel, lemme know and I’ll dig out my piece on the movie. I’d be grateful for a couple of days’ warning because the digging out can be a little bit fiddly.


  6. Keishon says:

    I’ve got Ruth Rendell’s The Wolf to the Slaughter!


  7. well I’d better sign up given I chose the year…I think I too have that Ruth Rendell book somewhere but I’ll check what the library has on offer too. There might be a slim chance of something Australian being available (I always look but there’s never anything)


  8. realthog says:

    As for movies, I’m in the mood for an Edgar Wallace krimi or two. There were three came out that year — Der Hund von Blackwood Castle, Der Monch mit der Peitsche and Die Blaue Hand — so I’ll try to watch and write up one or more.


  9. KerrieS says:

    I’m in, but just not sure what I will read


  10. As ever, I’m definitely in, but no idea what I’ll read yet. Last month I accidentally happened to have read Scales of Justice just before – can’t expect such a happy chance this time.


  11. Take 2 – will go for Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö’s THE MAN ON THE BALCONY, most definitely originally published in 1967 🙂


  12. crimeworm says:

    Hi Rich – I’m currently turning the house upside down as I KNOW I have Endless Night by Agatha Christie (and I’m doing the TBR Double Dog Dare, so am barred from buying books until the end of March!) So hopefully I should find it, and will participate with it! (I hate it when you know you have a book but can’t find it! Search continues tomorrow, although it’s really niggling at me, like an itch!)


  13. crimeworm says:

    Found it, so I’m in – sorry to be so totally unadventurous, btw!


  14. scott says:

    I will do Target For Their Dark Desire by Carter Brown


  15. John says:

    OK, I figure it’s safe to choose now. But that does it for my Ruth Rendell idea since both her 1967 books are now taken. I’m going for Colin Watson’s LONELYHEART 4122 since he tends to be funny and I’m sorely in need of some laughs in my crime fiction selections.


  16. Bev Hankins says:

    Here’s my Death & Mr. Prettyman entry by Kenneth Giles.


  17. Peggy Ann says:

    Found one on the shelf so I’m in this month! The Sound of Insects by Mildred Davis

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  18. I’m not having much luck with enjoying the books but still enjoying the challenge – I think my book was from 1867 instead http://reactionstoreading.com/2015/03/11/1967book-ruth-rendells-a-new-lease-of-death/


  19. realthog says:

    And here’s a first slice of krimi krapola to celebrate the glorious year: Die Blaue Hand 1967; vt Creature with the Blue Hand).


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  22. My review of THE MAN ON THE BALCONY (1967) by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö now posted here: https://bloodymurder.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/the-man-on-the-balcony-1967-by-maj-sjowall-and-per-wahloo/


  23. Peggy Ann says:

    Here’s my review for The Sound of Insects published in 1967.


  24. Col says:

    Woo hoo! A much better book this month – Jim Thompson’s Ironside! http://col2910.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/jim-thompson-ironside-1967.html


  25. John says:

    Just posted my contribution for this month. The very excellent Lonelyheart 4122 by Colin Watson. One of the best comic con artist/detective novels I’ve read in a long time.


  26. Better late than never to sign up – I’ll take Face To Face by Ellery Queen


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  28. tracybham says:

    I have done a post for Cast a Yellow Shadow by Ross Thomas at Bitter Tea and Mystery.


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  30. phinnea says:

    I never signed up, but I read Necklace and Calabash, too. https://ravenscroftcloud.wordpress.com/2015/03/28/


  31. crimeworm says:

    I’m still reading – but I’ll get there. To the wire, this one! No, it’s quite a fast read. Think it’s been 25-30 years since I read an Agatha Christie – great to read one again! Hold on, I’m giving away my age. It’s been, erm, 10 years since I read one, when I was a teenager ;-))


  32. Bev Hankins says:

    Second entry for 1967: Murder Fantastical by Patricia Moyes.


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  34. crimeworm says:

    I’m still going, I’ve not forgotten! Had #laptophell tonight else it would be done!


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