‘They are among Christie’s very best work’: The BBC will be adapting Tommy and Tuppence in a new 6-part series

News reached Past Offences this morning that the BBC will be making a new generation of Agatha Christie adaptations, starting with a Tommy and Tuppence six-part series (Partners in Crime and N or M).

The deliberately (I think) hammy David Walliams has been cast as Tommy, meaning the gritty 21st-century reboot you’ve been waiting for seems unlikely. Walliams says:

It is our ambition for Tommy and Tuppence to finally take their rightful place alongside Poirot and Marple as iconic Agatha Christie characters. They are among Christie’s very best work.’

And Then There Were None is also scheduled for a three-part showing over Christmas 2015.

The deal means that ITV is losing its virtual exclusivity on Christie adaptations, and is part of a major new push on drama at the BBC. There will also be several Christie documentaries to mark her 125th anniversary.

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21 Responses to ‘They are among Christie’s very best work’: The BBC will be adapting Tommy and Tuppence in a new 6-part series

  1. TracyK says:

    And I just bought a set of the old series to watch. I am just about to start reading the Partners in Crime book of short stories, then watch the episodes. I am sure I will enjoy those, and then later I can try this new series.


  2. kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    I love Tommy and Tuppence – but Walliams as Tommy????? Yes, Tommy starts out as a bit of a young twit, but Walliams is *too* old and hammy in my mind. Not sure if I shall be able to watch this one…… :s


  3. I cannot agree with ‘They are among Christie’s very best work’, and I don’t think most Christie fans would think so, but I guess the programme-makers are setting out their stall and have to make their case. I wonder who will play Tuppence? Also, I don’t think Tommy appears very much in N or M – they will have to expand his role. I’m not too keen on the sound of this, but can guarantee I will be watching, at least to begin with. I bet they’re already planning sumptuous 1920s and 30s costumes, which I guess I should approve of…


  4. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, this is really good news, Rich. I’ll be really keen to see what they do with it.


  5. Well, could be fun and Tommy and Tuppence would be a pretty tough sell nowadays so star casting is probably a bright move. As for the three-hour version of And Then There Were None, seems a bit long given the essentially repetitive nature of the scenario, so one suspects (sic) that there will be considerably monkeying around … Thanks Rich.


  6. FictionFan says:

    I love the T&T books so will doubtless watch the series, but with a certain amount of trepidation. Just don’t see Walliams as Tommy somehow. Have they not announced who Tuppence will be? i remember the old series very affectionately – mainly for Francesca Annis, who made a great Tuppence, but it’s a difficult series to cast because they age so much in the course of it.


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  8. honoria plum says:

    I enjoy the Tommy and Tuppence stories, and liked the previous television series. I shall try to keep an open mind about this one, but I agree the casting seems dubious.


  9. These actually may fly better onscreen than on the page…


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